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Wine Country to Wild Country

Off Piste 4WD Tours

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A joint collaboration between Benjamin Neville, owner and operator of Off Piste 4WD Tours and Craig Wickham, owner and operator of Exceptional Kangaroo Island have worked hard to bring a cross-regional, looped four-day touring experience. Enjoy the authentic adventure, diversity and flavours of the Fleurieu for the first two days, then to immerse yourself in the enchanting wildlife encounters, dramatic landscapes and timeless coastlines of Kangaroo Island - locally known as, KI. Picking up from Adelaide, this incredibly unique tour offers keen adventurers to experience the breathtaking hidden gem locations that are not offered on any other tours. Exclusivity is key, allowing visitors to be amazed by unforgettable outdoor lunches on coastal cliff tops, thrilling gorges and deep within sublime bush environments. With entry into many of the protected State's treasured national parks the four-day journey will tour through an intriguing array of timeless vistas that will stay with you forever. After four fantastic days visitors are personally dropped off at the island's airport where a short fight with REX airlines returns you to Adelaide airport. A private chauffeur will be waiting in the baggage hall who will whisk you back to your hotel in exclusive comfort.


Kangaroo Island, Fleurieu Peninsula and McLaren Vale


  • 4 Days