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Camel Riding day tours, Overnight safaris and extended Camel expeditions ranging from 3 - 9 days

Camel Treks Australia Pty Ltd

Camel Treks Australia's standard treks are 100% camping, you can choose to sleep in fully netted swags or within a tent. Photography treks offer optional accommodation as well as camping under the stars. Accommodation is available before, during and following photography treks. Some guests prefer this option, whilst others choose a 100% camping experience in a swag or tent outdoors. Camel Treks Australia can assist guests that choose to arrive earlier or depart later, fully accommodated options are available. Check-in is from between 1.30 - 3.30pm on all treks except for the full day and overnight Safari's which depart at 11.30am. Day tours depart at 11.30am returning at approximately 5pm. Overnight camel riding tours return at 11.30am the following day. Accommodation is available from 10am onwards. Trek days are spent with camels and other guests in the Flinders Ranges enjoying photography, bushwalking, camel riding and many bring a good read and drawing utensils. Treks are all inclusive, breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and the evening meal. We share stories over the camp fire and retire to swags for an evening under the stars. You'll have time to enjoy sunrise and morning bird songs, breakfast is served at 8am.


Mayo's Historic Hut and Gorge


  • 1 Days