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From $35 to $75

Coffin Bay Oyster Farm Tour is the only tour in Australia where you can taste oysters straight out of the water! A seafood tasting sensation! During this Oyster Farm tour, participants wade out through the water, sit on a tour pontoon in the middle of a working commercial oyster lease and taste Pacific and Angasi oysters fresh out of the sea. They also learn to shuck their very own oyster with a hands-on shucking lesson, learn about oyster farming practices, and the history of Coffin Bay. This is a once in a lifetime experience! Standard Tour -$40 per person Riesling Tour -$50 p/p (Includes a glass of Riesling enjoyed whilst out in the water tasting oysters) Riesling Extra Oysters Tour -$65 p/p Includes a glass of Riesling and extra half dozen oysters Champagne Tour - $80 p/p Includes a bottle of champagne & 1 doz oysters shared between 2 Champagne & Seafood Mezzo Platter Tour -$120 p/p At the conclusion of the tour, a seafood Mezze Platter is delivered to you on the tour deck, where you can graze and enjoy the beautiful water surroundings at your leisure.