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Arkaroola Adventure, from Rawnsley Park Station

Chinta Air Tours

From $660 to $880

Ikara / Flinders Ranges National Park varies greatly from the south to the north. This day trip is for those who wish to explore the Ranges, while learning from knowledgeable local guides about the geology, flora and fauna of the Ranges. Take an early morning flight from Rawnsley Park Station (on the South side of Wilpena Pound) to the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary on the northern end of the Flinders Ranges. On arrival at Arkaroola, join a shared four wheel drive Ridgetop Tour - so steep that only Arkaroola guides are permitted to drive it. You will enjoy spectacular views over the Ranges from Sillers Lookout. Complete the experience with a light lunch at Arkaroola, before the return flight via Blinman, Barachina Gorge and Wilpena Pound. This full day tour includes the scenic flight from Rawnsley Park Station to the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary and return, the shared four wheel drive tour - Arkaroola's Ridgetop Tour. Refreshments that are included are morning tea, and a light lunch.