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Kakadu Explorer Walking Tours

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Join us on this challenging 9 day off-track, full pack exploratory hike for a unique opportunity to explore the Kakadu Escarpment country, where few non Indigenous people have ever walked. Itinerary Summary Day 1 : Depart Darwin, Yellow Water Lagoon Cruise | 5hrs driving, 2 hr cruise Day 2 : Jim Jim Falls, walk Kakadu Escarpment, camp ‘Utopia’ | 9kms exploring Day 3 : Walk Jim Jim Creek, camp The Terraces | 12kms exploring Day 4 : Follow headwaters of Jim Jim Creek, explore aboriginal rock art | 13kms exploring Day 5 : Twin Creek, rainforests, explore rock art, camp billabong on Twin Creek | 14kms exploring Day 6 : Twin Creek, art sites, camp Hidden Valley | 8kms lots of exploring Day 7 : Explore Hidden Valley, journey down Twin Creek | 12kms exploring Day 8 : Twin Creek Gorge, camp Twin Creek Gorge | 12kms exploring Day 9 : Twin Creek Gorge, Twin Falls, return to Darwin | 6kms 6hrs driving