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ATDW frequently asked questions

The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) offers a quality-assured digital database and multi-channel network for tourism operators, products and destination information.

The ATDW is the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse: Australia’s national platform for digital tourism information on Australia. It is a database of information about Australian tourism product including accommodation, tours, attractions, restaurants, car hire and events. The database holds information such as business description, photos, contact details, opening hours and indicative pricing. 

An ATDW listing for your business will provide valuable exposure. Your listing will feature on, which is owned and operated by the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC). Navigate to the top right corner of the homepage to search for your listing. If you cannot find your business listing on you will need to register your business on ATDW. Start your registration now.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Is the ATDW free?

Answer: There is no cost to list your business on the ATDW in South Australia and it is free to have your information featured on 

Question: Can I list my event on How do I do this?

Answer: Yes. Make sure you create your business listing in the correct category when choosing a listing type. For example, if you are listing an event, you will need to select Event when registering. Start the registration process. 

Question: How do I update my business information that is on

Answer: Log in to ATDW and update your business listing. 

Question: What is my ATDW log in?

Answer: Your username is the email address you signed up with (usually your main address personally or for your business). 

Question: I have forgotten my password. How do I log in?

Answer: If you cannot remember your password, you can reset it by clicking ‘Forgot password?’ on the ATDW log in page.

Question: I am receiving errors when I try to submit my ATDW listing. Why? What do I do?

Answer: Read the description of the error and review your listing to find where you may be able to fix this. Once you fix this, you will be able to ‘Send for Review’ so that your listing can be published. If you are unable to find why the error is occurring, please take a screen shot of the error message, and send this to

Question: Why won't my photos save?

Answer: ATDW image requirements are for photos for your listing that are representative of the listing and contain little to no text. The minimum size required is 2048x1536 pixels, and no larger than 10mb. You can find photos that may be suitable for your listing on South Australian Tourism Commission’s Media Gallery.

All photos must have alt text and a description added. This can be added via the text boxes underneath each photo. If you do not complete these, you will be unable to save and submit your listing for review.

Question: How often do I need to check and update my listing?

Answer: It is best practice to regularly review and update your ATDW listing, especially if any details related to your business change. It is important to keep your listing information accurate, up to date, interesting and appealing to engage tourist interest. It is also important to check that your photos are up to date and the correct size.

Question: How do I get help with my listing?

Answer: You can contact the South Australian Tourism Commission via email at

Question: Does my business qualify to be listed on

Answer: Businesses listed on must meet requirements of the ATDW. An ATDW listing must be a tourism product or destination that provides a direct experience to a leisure tourist. This includes accommodation, food and drink, attractions, tours, hire, event, information service.

Question: Why won’t my listing save? Why can’t I submit it for review?

Answer: Check that you have completed all elements of your listing. At the top of your listing there is a coloured bar that will change colour and provide a level of completion for your listing. If this bar is red, you have mandatory sections of your listing that you have not yet included. Click on the red bar and it will provide a description of which sections of your listing you still need to complete.

If you try to submit your listing for review and receive an error message, please read this message as it will describe where the error is. This description refers to sections of your listing that you can navigate to via the orange menu on the left hand side of the screen.

Once you have completed all mandatory elements of your listing correctly, you will successfully be able to submit it for review.

Question: Once I create my ATDW listing, do I need to do anything else?

Answer: Once you create your ATDW listing and it is approved and published, you can find this on and any relevant regional tourism websites. Any time that you update or change business information, add another service, feature or tour, you need to ensure this is reflected on your ATDW listing.

Regularly review and update your listing to keep it as up to date and appealing as possible.

Question: I can’t find my listing on How do I find it?

Answer: Your listing can be found across various pages on For example, you can find your listing in relevant regional pages, things to do, where to stay, what’s on. You can also find your listing by searching on for your business name, within the category that it is listed. Please note that all listings on appear in alphabetical order.

Visit ATDW to find out more about how you can make the most of it! You can also find operator success stories, information resources and information about distributors.

For more assistance, download this ATDW info sheet

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