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Learn more about Kangaroo Island

Minutes from the mainland but a million miles away; Kangaroo Island is a sanctuary for wildlife and natural, rugged beauty. Book your island escape today.

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See Australian wildlife at home on Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is one of the best places to see Australian wildlife. More than a third of the island is national parks. Learn more today.

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Five days on Kangaroo Island with qantas

With Qantas flying direct from Adelaide and Melbourne to Kangaroo Island, hop over to nature’s paradise.

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5 ways to eat and drink your way around Kangaroo Island

The food scene on Kangaroo Island is bubbling. It’s local, seasonal, boutique, artisan and always close to its source. 

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Unwind for 48 hours on Kangaroo Island

With Qantas flying direct from Adelaide and Melbourne, here are our top things to do over two days on Kangaroo Island.

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Take the kids to Kangaroo Island on a family holiday

There are plenty of things to keep kids busy on a family holiday to Kangaroo Island. See the wildlife, go quad biking, sandboarding and snorkeling.

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What's on at Kangaroo Island: events and festivals

Kangaroo Island is home to events such as the KI Art Feast, KI Marathon and farmers' markets. Find out what's on during your stay.

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See Kangaroo Island with tours & charters

Choose from a range of tours and charters on Kangaroo Island, including food and wine tours, wildlife tours, kayaking tours and 4WD tours.

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How to get to Kangaroo Island by sea and air

Getting here is easy. Hop on a ferry from Cape Jervis to Kingscote, Kangaroo Island. Prefer to fly? Take a 30 minute flight from Adelaide Airport.

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Kangaroo Island maps and brochures: plan your visit

Plan your holiday with our brochures and maps. Revel in the Island's rugged beauty and taste its mouth-watering produce.

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Kangaroo Island wine region: coastal indulgence

Visit Kangaroo Island for its wildlife but fall in love with its wine. KI is one of South Australia’s most exciting new wine regions.

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Kangaroo Island Visitor Information Centres

Get all the latest and best information for your Kangaroo Island visit from the Visitor Information Centre and outlet.

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Let yourself go: surfing on Kangaroo Island

Experience Kangaroo Island from your surfboard. See the wild side of one of South Australia’s two “National Landscapes”.