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Flinders Ranges and Outback – an unforgettable experience

Driving through the Flinders Ranges, you’ll find silent, dusty red roads bordered by towering ancient cliffs and deep craters. 

Memories of the rugged 540 million-year-old Flinders Ranges will stay with you forever. It’s a South Australian region that’s impossible to forget. The Flinders Ranges change colour as the sun bakes the land. You can spend hours, even days, in the Flinders with parrots, yellow-footed rock wallabies, kangaroos and emus as your only companions. 

Uncover an entirely new world north of the Flinders Ranges at The Breakaways, and explore Coober Pedy - a town that is almost entirely underground. There’s so much, so close to home in South Australia and it’s all yours to enjoy.

Flinders Ranges and Outback - an unforgettable experience

Memories of the rugged land will stay for you forever. At Rawnsley Park Station, Prairie Hotel and Wilpena Pound Resort, watch the sun change colour as it bakes the earth.

Mountain biking Melrose

Over The Edge Sports, Melrose

A destination bike shop in Melrose in the Southern Flinders Ranges - home to purpose-built mountain bike tracks.

Prairie Hotel, Parachilna

Prairie Hotel, Parachilna

The Prairie Hotel is where the Flinders Ranges meets the Outback, in Parachilna, South Australia - population two! 

Rawnsley Park Station, Flinders Ranges

Rawnsley Park Station

From eco-friendly luxury to camping under the stars, experience the Flinders Ranges at Rawnsley Park Station.

The Arkaba Walk Flinders Ranges

The Arkaba Walk guided tour

The Arkaba Walk is redefining the classic Aussie 'bush walk', adding luxury touches to a four-day Flinders Ranges private hike.

The Breakaways

The Breakaways, Coober Pedy

A unique and striking landscape like nothing you've seen before, The Breakaways are located just a short drive from Coober Pedy.

Wilpena Pound

Wilpena Pound Resort

Wilpena Pound Resort is located within the Flinders Ranges National Park and offers accommodation and tours. 

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