Lake MacDonnell
Lake MacDonnell

COVID-19 Travel Information

Current Restrictions: Level 3 restrictions are in place. 

Under level 3, South Australia has medium restrictions in place including mandatory mask wearing in high density and high risk areas. Intrastate travel is allowed, and we encourage people to enjoy the benefits of a nature-based getaway. South Australia's vast wildernesses, world-class food and wine, abundant wildlife are the perfect antidote to post lockdown life. Start travelling with our fexi offers and deals or learn more with our guides and itineraries.  perfect for social distancing. Please visit the official South Australian COVID-19 portal for updated information.

A Little More TV Commercial
A Little More

For those who want a little more

Our home. It’s a beautiful place. But if you look further you'll see a restless bunch in search of beauty; unyielding conquerors that won't take 'no' for an answer. Those who follow their heart, forever exploring and where the curious of mind are rewarded for their wonder. Our State, where ancient craggy peaks glow orange, towering boulders peter on Australia's edge and outback pilots are our cowboys in the sky. That's the thing about South Australia, you needn't travel far in search of a little more.

Rodney Fox Expeditions
Rodney Fox Expeditions

Stories of the South

Welcome to Stories of the South, a six-part series with episodes dropping monthly. These short docu-films have been inspired by some of our most incredible locals who live and work in South Australia, with its stunning scenery as their backdrop. We have scaled mountain peaks, driven through dusty outback deserts, and scuba dived 20 meters below into sharky waters to find and film these fascinating tales.

Watch the second episode “White Shark Whisperer” then read our interview with Rodney Fox himself.

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12 unique regions with world-class, unbeatable gourmet produce, fantastic beaches and unique native wildlife.

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