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Kangaroo Island Photographic Tour

Price from $4695


This is a stunning Photographic Tour where Pete and Vicki showcase the stunning areas to visit. They put you in the right place at the right time to see the Island at its best. You don't have to be into Photography to be apart of the tour as the advantage of doing this from a non photo background, you benefit from Pete and Vicki's knowledge and you will see the Island at its best as compared to just seeing the island.

Pete and Vicki work with small numbers, max of 8 people are they describe their tours as boutique tours .

Pete has been coming to the Island for 30 years and knows it backwards.
".... I was heading off on another adventure with you guys.The 2nd trip with you was just as good as the first. Pete your enthusiasm for photography and teaching together with your outstanding knowledge of the area is a killer combination. Vicki I can’t image what a trip would be like without you on board. (Keeping Pete under control) You make an awesome pair and I’m 100% sure I’ll be joining you again somewhere, sometime.. “Catherine.


From $ 4695 to $ 5250
There is a sliding scale with prices and it depends on numbers to the final price. This is made clear on the website.


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  • Maximum Capacity


  • Transport

    Land - Motorised
    Water - Motorised

  • Vertical classifications


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