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Immersion Gallery Brighton



It is the intention of Immersion Gallery to remove the pretentiousness/exclusivity that is still often associated with Fine Art, and create an art space that is different to the rest. To that end, immersion has sofas and comfortable seating in the middle of the space, looking out over all the work on display - a place where people can be immersed in art and feel completely comfortable with it. A gallery that offers freshly brewed coffee, fresh baked cakes, and conversation.

Where, if you feel you like a piece but are not sure how it will work in your home, you can ‘hire’ it for a month at a small cost - a ‘try before you buy’ idea. Where a number of portrait artists are represented, so the gallery becomes recognised as the place to come to commission portraits.

On show are not only paintings, drawings, pastels + etchings, but ceramic + glass works and sculpture by a range of South Australian artists.

The sea and beach life are an omnipresent feature in Immersion gallery, and people from near and far will be able to take a little of it home with them.




  • Entity Facility

    Food and Refreshments
    Non Smoking
    Public Toilet

  • Access With Assistance for the Disabled

    Suitable for guests who depend on the use of a wheelchair in a seated position at all times.