Lumberjaxe Axe Throwing


From $35.00
Lumberjaxe is Adelaide's only official WATL venue and only the 2nd in Australia!

Axe Throwing is a safe and exciting sport, whether you’re a pro-competition axe thrower or it’s your first time holding an axe. They’ll show you and your crew exactly how to have a great time!

Their sessions are for 90 minutes, but before hurling an axe downrange, they’ll cover the safety requirements and a few rules to follow, and then they’ll teach you how to throw some axes! They'll have you getting your axe into the target correctly and hopefully accurately in no time at all.

Lumberjaxe have plenty of different games to play, or if you're the competitive type, simply keep score for bragging rights!

All of their axes are sharpened and maintained regularly to give you the best experience they can deliver.

They also have a fun, new Rage Room to try as well. Throw, Smash, Bash, Scream if you want, with a selection of raging equipment, e.g. baseball bat, golf club etc. Each participant will receive a box of breakables to get that built-up rage out in the rage room.
<p>Free Wifi</p> <p>Disabled access available, contact operator for details.</p>


Family Friendly
Food and Refreshments
Public Toilet


From $35.00 to $45.00
Quick Chuck Sessions - $45 per person Groups 6-10 - $ 40 per person Groups 10+ - $35 per person Rage Room - $40 per person


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