Salty Sips

269 Seaview Road, Henley Beach, Adelaide, South Australia, 5022
Wednesday: 05:45 - 08:00
0417 242 202
saltysip[email protected]


Salty Sips is an all-inclusive, connection driven initiative.

Every Wednesday morning, we invite anyone to join us at sunrise for an ocean dip and a sip of coffee after at Henley Beach, Adelaide.

The idea behind Salty Sips is for connection, to meet someone new and keeping the morning open for anyone interested in joining in on the fun. The post-dip coffee + breaky provides an extra opportunity to continue conversations and give each individual the space to relate at least on one thing, and that is that we all just jumped in the cold water together and because of that, we feel great.

A beneficial challenge presents to everyone by pushing personal limits, whether it be – jumping into cold water, showing up solo or talking to someone new.

It is important to us that Salty Sips remains a safe space for our community to feel welcome. Through this, we identified our values – connection, fun & mental health. To further promote positive mental, 10% of coffee sales from our partnered local cafe's goes straight into the hands of Batyr - a beautiful charity with a mission to smash the stigma around mental health.





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