1:1 Concerts

04 Mar 2021 - 12 Mar 2021
Next Occurrence : 05 Mar 2021
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Price from $29


The indispensability of music has been made profoundly clear over the past year. When orchestras and opera companies, formally stable places of employment, were unable to perform, balcony concerts, online lessons and home recordings proved that what is essential adapts to survive.

Three Germans, flautist Stephanie Winker, scenographer Franziska Ritter and cultural mediator Christian Siegmund, inspired by performance artist Marina Abramović’s Listening differently, hit on a simple and beautiful idea — the 1:1 CONCERTS — an entrancing mix of regulated distance and newfound intimacy between player and audience. They have handed this concept on to Australian flautist Sally Walker, who is curator of our event in Adelaide.

This benign ‘franchise’, in which a single musician and a single listener are assigned to each other in a ‘blind-date’ concert, comes with a sweet yet oddly firm set of playing instructions.

The alternative concert venues are a surprise. In Germany, forests, goat stables and even newly abandoned airports have been amongst them. Whether you hear a flautist, singer, a cellist or someone else will also come as a surprise, as will the repertoire, which spontaneously arises from the silent preliminary encounter. You can engage in these ten minutes of your life as lightly or as intently as you wish, but so many have been overwhelmed by the depth of feeling it unleashed.

Program details here: https://www.adelaidefestival.com.au/events/1to1-concerts/



From $ 29 to $ 29
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