Adelaide Food Fringe

06 Apr 2021 - 16 May 2021
Next Occurrence : 06 Apr 2021


The Adelaide Food Fringe is South Australia’s 100% open access food and drink festival.

The Adelaide Food Fringe is not a festival with one fenced off event and a bunch of food and drink stalls. The Adelaide Food Fringe can and will be everywhere in SA. It’s YOUR bar, restaurant, farm, winery, festival, club, school, home – literally anywhere you choose to present YOUR idea or event.

This is a festival all about businesses, producers, communities, clubs, families and individuals sharing their presentation of food and drink with like-minded South Australians. The Adelaide Food Fringe will facilitate a 100% open access festival program, “created by the people, for the people.”

The program is open to anyone with an idea or passion for food and drink that they want to share with the world. If food and/or drink is a major component of your event you are eligible to register; whether it’s a food or drink tour, cooking class, talks, tastings, exhibition, community event, workshop, street party, special dining event, performance or festival, restaurant/café/bar events, charity fundraiser… you name it!


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