Alex Ward – You’re Welcome

15 Mar 2022 - 19 Mar 2022
Next Occurrence : 15 Mar 2022
08:15 PM - 09:15 PM


Yes she’s rich*. Yes she’s admired*. Yes she’s talented*, but there’s a lot you don’t know about Alex Ward.

For one, Alex saved Christmas when she was a kid. Seriously! Thanks to her, all your presents came on time. You’re welcome.

*Rich in hats and terrier dogs.
*Admired solely by the terrier dogs.
*Her talent is being able to pull off any hat she wears (including fedoras but just because you can doesn’t mean you should).

Alex is at the top of her game, featured as a regular guest on Have You Been Paying Attention? by night and a writer for The Project by day.

Don’t miss out – book now!

“Ward’s trajectory is spiralling vertically.” ★★★★ The Age, 2021



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