27 May 2022 - 11 Jun 2022
Next Occurrence : 27 May 2022
07:30 PM - 08:30 PM
57a Queen Street, Norwood, Adelaide, South Australia, 5067


Playwright Elena Carapetis (The Gods Of Strangers, Gorgon) brings the first heroine of western drama raging into the 21st century in this cheeky, anarchic and subverted take on one of the world’s most revered classic plays.

Carapetis takes us from Ancient Greece to the modern-day in a kaleidoscopic collection of vignettes that will make your head spin and leave your jaw on the floor. This is a rejection of the patriarchy, a love letter to girls and pop princesses, and a tribute to every Antigone reincarnated, from Malala to Emma to AOC to Greta.

Directed by State Theatre Company South Australia Resident Director Anthony Nicola (Decameron 2.0, Forgiveness) and starring Adelaide powerhouse Kidaan Zelleke, Antigone is a rebel yell echoing throughout history. It’s an unapologetic, audacious explosion that dares to shake the very foundations of theatre – and to have a whole lotta fun while doing it.



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