Asia Street Food Festival


After a successful launch last year, Asia Street Food Festival is returning this year with a four-day experience right in the heart of Adelaide. Boasting authentic Asian culinary dishes and cultural performances, all set against the charming light of Hoi An lanterns and rustic Balinese huts, this is a proud celebration of Asian cultures, flavours, and community.

With more than 30 carefully selected vendors presenting cuisines from Vietnam, Thailand, India, the Philippines, Malaysia and more, the festival is bringing together street food that has been embraced and passed down through generations. Many of these cuisines don't normally make their way into regular restaurant menus. Each dish is cooked with love and distinctive ingredients to honour the recipes' originality.

What truly distinguishes the Asia Street Food Festival is the ambience. Picture yourself strolling through the festival grounds, surrounded by the soft glow of Hoi An lanterns and the rustic charm of Balinese Huts. It's an immersive experience that transports you to a nostalgic village setting. Its a chance to slow down, and connect with yourself and the community around you.

While the food undoubtedly takes the central stage, Asia Street Food Festival boasts a diverse lineup of local bands and performers, including Adelindo Aungklung, Respire Dance, ABK Crew, Goonj, Adelaide Art Group and many more.
<p>Disabled access available, contact operator for details.</p>




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