Betty Blokk Buster

17 Jun 2021 - 20 Jun 2021
Next Occurrence : 17 Jun 2021


On 16 April 1975, a saucy hausfrau with a feather duster and a bare bottom stepped onto the stage of the Balmain Bijou to change the face of Australian Theatre. Betty Blokk-Buster Follies was the talk of the town. The one-man show was hailed by The National Times as “the greatest thing since Rice Bubbles” and its creator, Reg Livermore, became a star.

The Bijou is no more (converted to apartments) but Betty lives again in a brand-new show by Red Line Productions.

Inspired by the original 1975 staging and reimagined with Livermore’s imprimatur, this 21st century Betty Blokk Buster invites audiences back into the theatre, where a live band and Betty’s coterie of reinvented has-beens, battlers, freaks and survivors are waiting to wow a new generation.



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