Dark Wind Blowing: The Play

02 Mar 2021 - 07 Mar 2021
Next Occurrence : 06 Mar 2021
06:30 PM - 07:30 PM


Lance Loosley, a boy who’s known at school as “Loser” tells Mike that “Tenterfield”, the old property nearby, which has recently been bought by foreign investors, is being used as a laboratory to run dangerous experiments. Mike doesn’t believe Loser for a second because he’s always concocting stories to make himself look good. But one day at school, Loser is pushed too far by Budgie and Jordie. This time the humiliation and teasing is too much, and Loser seeks revenge. He smashes a test tube in class, a test tube that he says contains a deadly virus from the “Tenterfield” property. When the teacher and students begin having seizures, Mike and Jazz realise that perhaps Lance really was telling the truth…

This thriller is the premier stage adaption of Jackie French's iconic Australian novel.



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