East End Cellars Masterclasses - Tasting Australia presented by RAA Travel

30 Apr 2021 - 09 May 2021
Next Occurrence : 30 Apr 2021


Topping up your drinks knowledge, glass by glass.

EEC Masterclasses bring wine, beer and spirits to a whole new level.

Presented by Tasting Australia's Beverage Managers East End Cellars and Beverage Curator Nick Stock, the popular East End Cellars Masterclass series surprise, delight and delve deep into the wonderful world of beverages.

Here, patrons broaden their understanding of wine, beer and spirits, with incredible talent from across South Australia, Australia and the world!

While enlightening their taste buds, guests enjoy will enjoy the theatrics of the personalities that bring beverages to life as they tell the stories behind each and every drop.



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