John O'Hara: #VAL - A Campfire Kiki with Mother

11 Jun 2021 - 13 Jun 2021
Next Occurrence : 11 Jun 2021


Adelaide Premiere | Australia

Self-proclaimed Australian National Treasure John O’Hara (School of Rock, Wicked, Priscilla - Queen of the Desert) returns to Adelaide in #VAL - A Campfire Kiki With Mother.

An honest and heartbreaking homage to the mothers and ‘mothers’ of our queer community, #VAL is a celebration of joy, love and acceptance that will leave a speck of glitter in your undies!

Set to the gorgeous, guilty-pleasure soundtrack of John's sexual awakening, #VAL is the ultimate mixtape of camp pop anthems, impossibly cool classics and outrageous power ballads. A riotous and naughty evening not to be missed.

It’s cabaret in its truest form; big, bold and a little bit loose!

Join us around the camp-fire – everyone is welcome.

Written and performed by John O'Hara
Direction by Shaun Rennie
Musical direction and arrangements by Andrew Kroenert
Accompaniment by Robert Tripolino
Image: Sarah Walker



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