Karrawirra Pari Immersive Experience

25 Sep 2021 - 04 Oct 2021
Next Occurrence : 25 Sep 2021


Use your mobile device to experience Karrawirra Pari like never before! Karrawirra Pari is an iconic and central feature of the City of Adelaide. Over the last 185 years, its landscape, biodiversity, and cultural connections have changed significantly, shaping our current perspectives on how we interact with the River Torrens and plan for its future.

Experience the journey and stories, see, and hear nature as it used to be, learn more about the heritage, culture and history of Karrawirra Pari. Enjoy, bird calls, songs and visual features sharing aspects of this important waterway through time, across cultures and as its natural features evolves with the modern urban city of today.

Experience all this using augmented reality, where your mobile device becomes a lens into another world. Find the Karrawirra Pari immersive experience symbol on one of our five locations surrounding Tarntanya Wama (Elder Park) and activate the digital immersive experience. Download the app and check the map where all the other locations are located.





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