Kevin Bloody Wilson

22 May 2021 - 22 May 2021
Next Occurrence : 22 May 2021
08:00 PM - 10:30 PM


Australia’s Kevin Bloody Wilson may have started with an underground cult following (fans copying his cassettes and sharing with mates) but 35 years and millions of albums later, he is now certified comedy royalty.

Even in the modern age of the ‘can’t say anything lest we upset someone’ movement, which subsequently stifled many comedians, KEV’S painfully funny, politically incorrect, no topic left untouched style… continues to blare an ingenious spotlight through his songwriting and social commentary.
Happy to be the ‘voice of reason’ in this overly sensitive climate, KEV’S 20th album, F.U.P.C, is a laugh-til-it-hurts anecdote to ALL who are easily offended.

There are frequently 3 generations of families coming together to KEV’S concerts and with 53 million TIK TOK users sharing and making videos to KEV’S famous song D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F, KEV proves time and time again his music has absolutely no demographic barriers.



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