Love & Neon: The Cinema of Wong Kar Wai

16 Oct 2021 - 23 Oct 2021
Next Occurrence : 16 Oct 2021


The cinema of Wong Kar Wai is immersive and intoxicating. Across eleven feature films with his regular collaborators William Chang Suk-ping and Aussie cinematographer Christopher Doyle, the unique filmmaker has crafted a bold cinematic universe that is instantly recognisable, and often imitated.

Presented in this special showcase, Wong Kar Wai’s films evoke the thrumming energy of Hong Kong’s streetscapes, and invite us to share his characters’ introspective moments of late-night stillness. By turns romantic, rapturous and poetic, Wong evokes his city’s sumptuous past, the immediacy of its present, and the dizzying possibilities of its future.

Fans can experience his films anew on the big screen, and for newcomers, an invitation to slip into the paradoxical world of Wong Kar Wai, one that is at once elusive, nostalgic, romantic and eternally timeless.

Chungking Express
The Grandmaster
In the Mood for Love
Fallen Angels
Happy Together
Days of Being Wild

This series is curated by Kristy Matheson, Director Film Programs: The Cinema of Wong Kar Wai curated by Kristy Matheson, Director Film Programs, ACMI.

Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre's OzAsia Festival


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