Mountain Bike Technique Development 2-Day Course

19 Feb 2022 - 20 Feb 2022
Next Occurrence : 19 Feb 2022
10:00 AM - 03:00 PM
Price from $230


Learn the technical skills of mountain biking and take steps to increase speed and control on flowy trails, as well over rough and rugged terrain. This course builds upon our Base Skills program by further developing your understanding of basic skills as well as introducing you to new skills and techniques. We assume riders have completed the Base Skills program and are familiar with the concepts and terminology it contains.

This program includes two sessions that are delivered over the course of a weekend. The second day includes shuttles so that participants can focus on descending skills without the need to climb back up the hill under their own steam!

The Mountain Bike Technique Development course is designed for:

People who have a fair amount of experience riding narrow (<1m wide) trails
More experienced riders who want to consolidate their skills, enabling them to unlock advanced techniques.

This is a two-day course. The first day focuses on developing the riders’ understanding of various mountain biking techniques. The second day includes shuttles and gives riders an opportunity to practise while diving deeper into the practical application of the skills.

We focus on:

* Rolling Obstacles
* Stability on Rough Terrain
* Wheel Lifts & Hops
* Clearing Obstacles
* Riding Actively
* Cornering – Berms vs Flat
* Climbing Technique
* Selecting Lines



From $ 230 to $ 230


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