Mr Snotbottom vs. The Zombie Boogers: The Science of Snot


Can Fringe favourite Mr Snotbottom stop an army of barbaric boogies and monster mucus from suffocating the planet with foul phlegm?! What is mucus? Why do you sneeze? Is it okay to eat your boogers? All these eeewy gooey questions can be answered in his brand new snot-tacular 'on the nose' show!

Mark Trenwith is a comedian and entertainer who as performed professionally in stand up
children’s theatre and TV for twenty years in productions such as ‘Ben Ten Live’ and ‘Being Me’ (ABC TV).

Mark is most well known for the creation of ‘Mr Snotbottom’ a stand up comedy character for kids. Nominated ‘Best Children’s Event’ at Perth Fringeworld 2020 and winner of ‘Best Performer’ at the Newcastle Fringe 2023, he has toured various sold out shows extensively across Australia, including The Melbourne Town Hall, Riverside Theatre and Melbourne Recital Centre.

Mark’s narrative based edu-tainment podcast ‘Mr Snotbottom’s Busy Bodies’ is currently being produced by ‘Kinderling’ for the ‘Listnr’ network. Awarded ‘Best Children’s Podcast’ at The Australian Podcast Awards 2022, the podcast combines comedy, science and
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