Ouchhh Studio | Wisdom of AI Light

Sat 16th Jul 2022 - Sun 14th Aug 2022
Next Occurrence : Sat 16th Jul 2022
Price from $32.00


A digital renaissance is coming, and it’s putting the art in artificial intelligence.

This mind-melting AI-driven rollercoster draws in billions of pieces of data – from the brushstrokes of Leonardo Da Vinci to the mysteries of the universe – and harnesses the power of the algorithm to create breathtaking ‘data paintings’ of extraordinary scale and vision. In a huge pop-up exhibition space in the East End, this showcase of Ouchhh Studio’s most expansive works can’t be missed.

The Istanbul-based visionaries have collaborated with NASA and CERN, and now they’re heading exclusively to South Australia as Illuminate Adelaide’s latest Luminary Artist In Residence.



From $ 32.00 to $ 35.00


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