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OzAsia Festival 2022 | Truc Truong


Truc Truong returns for 2022 as the OzAsia Festival designer, creating spectacular installations around Adelaide Festival Centre and holding workshops for South Australian students.

“This year’s OzAsia Festival design is inspired by a well-known folktale shared across many countries in Asia: The Cowherd and the Weaver. This story centres around two lovers whose marriage goes against societal norms, as one is a farmer, and one is of royal lineage. They are banished to live on opposite sides of a heavenly river. After proving their love, the Goddess of Heaven allows them to be reunited once a year via a bridge made of birds.

Just like the birds flocking together to make a bridge for the lovers, this year’s festival design explores the magic of building on new connections together and crossing into areas we thought were impossible.

The 2022 OzAsia Festival program features mythical destinations and stories shared across generations, and this is what drew me to The Cowherd and the Weaver. I started to wonder: what kind of bridges are we building for today and the future? How are we creating a strong foundation of sharing our stories and cultures?

This year's festival design will be based on the spirit of bridges and what that means for us.”

- Truc Truong
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