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Robot Combat Tournament

02 Jun 2019 - 01 Dec 2019
Next Occurrence : 03 Nov 2019
12:30 PM - 5:30 PM


Think Battlebots and Robotwars from TV, only smaller. Adelaide Robot Combat hosts the only robot combat tournaments in South Australia!
Spectating is free and visitors can watch the robot fights and chat with the builders to learn more about their creations and how to get involved.

Competitors of all ages build their own bots and come to compete in our arena once a month. We compete in two weight classes:
Antweight 150grams
Beetleweight 1.36kg
Each month we will host Antweight tournaments and every odd month we will host a Beetleweight tournament.

A competitor will need to follow a ruleset to compete with their robot which can be found on our Facebook group page.
We also host monthly build and information nights at SANE Makerspace on the 3rd Saturday of the month where people can come and chat with builders, get help with their creations and learn how to get involved.


  • Entity Facility

    Family Friendly
    Non Smoking
    Public Toilet

  • Access With Assistance for the Disabled

    Disabled access available, contact operator for details