Roy Orbison Orchestrated With Damien Leith


Damien Leith takes to the stage with his famous ‘Roy Orbison Orchestrated’ show, paying tribute to the late, great Roy Orbison.

Joining the award-winning performer joined by 35 world-class musicians, making this an unforgettable night.

Damien’s career has been inextricably linked to Roy Orbison, since his performance of his hit Crying on the 2006 series of Australian Idol. Capturing the attention of Orbison’s late wife Barbara, it was her wish for Damien to carry on her husband’s legacy with his powerful renditions of the Big O's songs. He went on to record the album Roy which was produced by Barbara and recorded in Nashville with many musicians Roy worked with. One in particular that Damien has continued to work with to this day and become close friends, is legendary songwriter, Joe Melson, who co-wrote Crying, Blue Bayou, Only the Lonely and many more.


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