Sunday Cup of Absurdi-tea


Spill the tea this Adelaide Fringe with Absurd Circus.

Five housemates take over the stage in “Sunday Cup of Absurdi-tea”, an Adelaide Fringe Premier. A hilarious circus show about being each other's crashmat. Join them for a cuppa in their definitely not dysfunctional share house at The Vault - Fools Paradise. It’s absurd aerial sandwich making, hallway hula couture, demonic dance-trapeze and juggling in the dark after getting slapped in the face with a piece of cheese.

Imagine sequins and tea, high stakes acrobatics and heartfelt authenticity. A group of friends and acrobats explore the way in which we carry the ones we love when they are unable to carry themselves.
But ultimately it's about the value of a good cup of tea. You’ll leave wanting to pop on a brew, sit down with a cuppa and tell your friends you love them.

“Skill level was incredible; comedy was fantastic; I loved the whole ride.” -Circus Trick Tease
“I laughed till my cheeks hurt.” – The Anchor
“Heartwarming and Hilarious.” – Throw Catch Collective


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