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A plane from Berlin to Munich is hijacked by terrorists and being flown towards a packed football stadium where Germany is playing England. Major Lars Koch, fighter jet pilot for the German Federal Forces, has to react. Ignoring orders to the contrary, he takes matters into his own hands and shoots down the plane, killing all on board. As a result, he is charged with murder. The play begins in the courtroom with his trial. The audience listens to the evidence presented by lawyers and witnesses and then votes on whether Major Koch is guilty or not guilty.

The audience vote decides how the play ends.

Ferdinand von Schirach is a German lawyer and writer, who lives in Berlin. The play was first performed in Berlin in 2015 and has since became a worldwide hit. Records are kept of the verdict of each audience around the world.

Terror is directed by Brant Eustice and features an impressive cast including Rachel Burfield, Bart Csorba, Peter Davies, Fahad Farooque, Sharon Malujlo and Kate van der Horst.


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