That Boy

16 Feb 2021 - 21 Mar 2021
Next Occurrence : 06 Mar 2021
06:15 PM - 07:15 PM


Tom is 8, cheeky and out of control. Mum's inherited coping mechanisms don’t work and for a boy who “isn’t bad enough to be diagnosed”, there isn’t any support. Change is unmanageable in a crisis so now it’s survival. For Sarah, there must be light at the end of the tunnel, at any cost. Parenting is hard, there’s no rule book, no one is perfect, she gave birth to him so she knows best and he knows she loves him, she told him so.

A darkly satirical, beautiful, raw, human story of one mother's fight to break the cycle of inherited behaviour and save her son. Based on true life events, That Boy will challenge the audience to question what is acceptable in today's changing world.



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