​The 2021 Adelaide//International

26 Feb 2021 - 01 Apr 2021
Next Occurrence : 06 Mar 2021
10:00 AM - 05:00 PM


From its inception in 2019, the Adelaide//International has been intended as a flexible framework from which to examine ideas prevalent across national and international art, each with an eye on the specifics of temporality – contending with the past, experiencing the present and, in 2021, considering the future.

The 2021 Adelaide//International views the future as an unmade shared space. In its preceding year a global pandemic has made clear the myriad ways in which we are connected or distanced from others around the world. This experience, shared on an unprecedented scale, will inevitably colour our view of art and how we view it. With the world paused, the question is: when we resume, where to from here? To continue or to reinvent?

Fayen d’Evie (AUS), Taloi Havini (AUS/Autonomous Region of Bougainville), Jesse Jones (IRE) and James Tylor (AUS) provide their suggestions via moving image, performance, sculpture and installation.

Presented for the 2021 Adelaide Festival.


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