The Plastic Bag Store

23 Feb 2021 - 14 Mar 2021
Next Occurrence : 28 Feb 2021


If you think the single-use jetsam of your weekly shopping haul is nightmarish, imagine a supermarket displaying aisle upon gleaming aisle of everything you could possibly want, as long as it’s 100% plastic. Brooklyn-based artist and filmmaker Robin Frohardt has created an installation that is as funny as it is horrific.

Art, craft, film and puppetry converge in an ingenious free installation. A glance at her hilarious trailer will have you longing to get amongst her lovingly hand-made goodies, created from hundreds of upcycled plastic bags and plastic rubbish, “locally sourced and harvested from the streets and bins of New York City.”

Register now to enjoy a personal tour with the New York creators and a full immersive experience guided by Robin Frohardt and The Plastic Bag Store company. Hour-long activations include a series of brilliant short films featuring puppets, animation and original music. Chronicling centuries of human throw away culture, you’ll find yourself struck by a discomforting realisation: there’s no ‘away’.

This jaw-dropping ‘supermarket’ was designed for Manhattan’s Times Square, and after COVID forced its closure hours before its world premiere in March, it returned in October to wow post-lockdown New Yorkers. Rundle Mall is its first-ever foreign destination.

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