The Wharf Revue: Pride in Prejudice


For more than 20 years The Wharf Revue has delivered razor-sharp political satire to audiences around the country. Now, it’s Adelaide’s turn.

Join the star and creator of the smash hit The Gospel According to Paul Jonathan Biggins and the Revue’s Team of Rivals as they step into the Adelaide spotlight with this year’s hilarious new production ‘Pride in Prejudice’™.

‘Pride in Prejudice’ is a sensational value proposition from Australia’s most trusted revue-based practitioners. Satirical content is up by 7% and the average laughter quotient is indexed at 8.3% over the forward estimates but the Revue defies the cost-of-living pressure with an affordable offering at yesterday’s prices.The Wharf Revue guarantees one exceptional night of laughter, with no jokes written by ChatGPT and no sketches outsourced to PWC.

Disclaimer: Reputations may be questioned, political careers damaged and some sacred cows slaughtered. Due to public demand, full-frontal nudity will not be included. Any similarity to public figures living or dead is entirely intentional.
<p>Disabled access available, contact operator for details.</p>


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