Theatre Republic presents The Almighty Sometimes by Kendall Feaver


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Anna is a young woman living with a mental illness. For as long as she can remember, she has lived her life hand-in-hand with her medication.

After discovering her childhood journals, filled with captivating and imaginative stories, Anna decides to take control of her life and her treatment, hoping to reclaim her identity, creativity and independence. But when Anna's world begins to spiral out of control, those closest to her start to question the wisdom of her decision.

The Almighty Sometimes shines a light on the complexities of living with a mental illness and the difficult decisions a parent has to make to save their child. It is a profound, funny, magical and moving portrait of a young woman striving to find herself and her place in the world.
<p>Disabled access available, contact operator for details.</p>
'Community' Artwork by Gabriel Stengle


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