Tight Mums, Loose Units Comedy Show


From $18.00
A combination of stand-up comedy and songs about motherhood, marriage, divorce, dating friendship and performing. From four diverse backgrounds, they feel the same pressures placed on women to be perfect wives, mothers, friends and employees. As mothers, they keep themselves 'tight' - tightly wound, tight friends, tight bodies, but when they hit the stage, they're loose units!

"Utterly refreshing. Bold, audacious spirits. Their misadventures resonate with authenticity and humour, challenging societal norms while celebrating the beauty of imperfection" Arts Hub

"Fast-paced showcase of comedy" Arts Hub

"Be ready to be challenged, surprised and laugh till your guts hurt. Completely relatable and disgustingly hilarious" Weekend Notes
<p>Caters for people with sufficient mobility to climb a few steps but who would benefit from fixtures to aid balance. (This includes people using walking frames and mobility aids)</p><p>Caters for people who use a wheelchair.</p>


Public Toilet


From $18.00 to $24.00
These prices are per ticket: Full Price $24.00 Concession $21.00 Group 6+ $18.00 Tuesday $18.00


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