Bar La Vie


To the bonnes vivantes, the romantics, dreamers and lovers of luxury, welcome to your new home away from Paris, Bar La Vie.
Tucked away in one of East End’s historic State Heritage buildings, this intimate Champagne bar lives to serve your every indulgence.

In the understated elegance of Bar La Vie’s soft and chic interiors, tasteful tunes, and exquisite French-inspired menu, with bountiful bubbles courtesy of France’s top Champagne houses, as well as caviar, charcuterie, and cheeses from both local and international makers. You can also explore a selection of local sparkling wine, beer and spirits.

​No matter your needs, be they with your closest companions, a promising future fling, or even a sizeable soirée, Bar La Vie offers extraordinary experiences for all.

​Mangez bien, riez souvent, aimez beaucoup!
[Eat well, laugh often, love abundantly!]



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