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Hoosegow Charcoal Restaurant


Hoosegow® Charcoal Restaurant is an experience for all your senses!

Hoosegow opened on 24 September 2014. It is a Latin word for ‘prison’ and we are all taken in as ‘Prisoners of Food’ and ultimately surrender to great flavours! Hoosegow is a place where you can relax into a warm, ambient, artful, romantic and welcoming space with a diverse range of music humming in the background.

Hoosegow’s menu invites you on the owners flavour journey. What started as a favourite chilli chicken dish at home now stars on the menu as their Signature Chilli Chicken with jalapenò aioli, full of smokey deliciousness. Other signature dishes are; the smooth inviting textures of Confit Garlic with charred ciabatta and pecorino, Harra Barramundi with chilli, tahini and coriander sauce plus Afahoosegow with espresso, cointreau, grand marnier, chocolate gelati, toffee almonds, cardamom and almond galleta.

Their menu is simply mouth watering. Lots of charred, juicy, spicy and smokey flavours - cooked on crackling Mallee Root charcoal. Choose from the grass fed yearling beef steaks, seafood, smoked and charred vegetarian/vegan dishes, delicious salads and vibrant cocktails.

Your tastebuds will surrender to 'O' so many OMG moments of Charcoal Deliciousness.

Come and experience the hoose-pitality.