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Bladez The Barber Lounge


Bladez The Barber Lounge is located at Norwood, Firle, Hindmarsh, Adelaide and Plympton offering fresh cuts, shaves and styles for men and boys of all ages. No appointments or bookings needed just visit one of our locations and see for yourself why Bladez will now become your go-to barber.

Opening their first store in 2015, Bladez The Barber Lounge has since expanded to five locations across Adelaide bringing a modern day and sophisticated approach to your Barber experience. We cater with chilled music, great vibes, and an assortment of alcoholic beverages all within a relaxed atmosphere.

We’re all about giving the best of the best. Whether it’s a sharp style for work, or a little rough around the edges for a night out – Bladez The Barber Lounge can tailor and suit to your needs.


Family Friendly


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