Women's Outback Camel Trek

Price from $3150.00


Camel trekking in Outback South Australia ... The ultimate adventure! No geographical goal, no phone range or internet, no vehicle support, no summits, no base camp ....pure and simple exploration of our 'country'

We're heading remote, escaping the modern world for a while and what better way, than on a mode of transport that became outdated almost a century ago. With camels as our travelling companions, carrying all our food, water and swags on a traditional packsaddle, we take time to immerse ourselves in the beauty and surrounds of this wild part of Australia. This style of trekking has been said to resemble a meditative experience, having no need to cast our minds ahead, nor strive for an end goal. Completely uncluttered, a sense of isolation, a feeling of freedom, with the only tracks being ours ... and those of the camels.


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