One and All Sailing Ship


Experience a unique perspective of South Australia's waterways, coast line and beyond on board South Australia's iconic and only authentic sailing tallship, the STV One and All.

Opportunities abound to climb the rig, set sails, or simply relax and enjoy the surrounds with a chance to greet the locals - our water friends the dolphins.

At One and All we have be providing unique experiences and tours for over 30 years. Our ship is a fully working vessel that reflects the times of yesteryear but has the modern maritime requirements to keep everyone safe at sea.

We offer a variety of events:
Port River Cruise
Day Sail
Twilight Sails
Adventure Voyages to locations like Kangaroo Island, Port Lincoln, Sir Joseph Banks Islands, just to name a few.
We can create custom group tours, private charter and unique corporate events.

As we say - Get on board!

Come sailing on South Australia's greatest asset the STV One and All.



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