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Luxury Adventure Retreat


From $3700

Cathy and Rick Edmonds from The Frames, together with Elise Lavers from Enliven Outdoor Adventures, invite you to a 3 day, 2 night women's retreat for you to
experience Luxury in the Riverland. Enliven Outdoor Adventures aims to inspire, lower the barriers and create opportunities for women and to get outdoors. Elise is passionate about connecting women back to themselves, to one another, and to nature, and the Frames creates the perfect space for this.

With a shared vision for bringing world-class wellness tourism experiences to South Australia, The Frames and Enliven have partnered to create the Luxury Adventure Retreat, combining the luxuries of fine local produce, massage, spa, and privacy with the adventure of paddle boarding,
hiking, sunrise lookouts, cold water therapy, and connecting with other like-minded women.

Elise will be your personal host and guide for the duration of your retreat, and will help you to test the boundaries of your comfort zone in the outdoor activities, and also allow you time to sink into the comfort of your private villa. This is for the women who are seeking connection, self love, time in nature and who are ready to prioritise their wellness in 2022.


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