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Kangaroo Island Roads to Recovery Photo Safari


In January 2020 Fires ravished the spectacular Kangaroo Island landscape, taking everything in it's path, devastating communities, destroying thousands of acres of natural bushland, and displacing wildlife. As you depart Cape Jervis on the short crossing to the Island on our Photography Safari you feel a sense of anticipation. How has the island recovered from it's worst natural disaster on record?

Nature has it's own way of fighting back ...

Come with us to explore the wonderous regrowth that has occurred since the fires, explore the fresh and lively rebound that is occuring on this wild and windswept land. This 3 day tour will showcase the magnificence of remote landscapes in renewal mode, natures own built in preservation system. Enjoy 5 star accommodation, luxury 4wd travel, knowledgable guides and experienced photographers to help you capture stunning images of nature at it's best.


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