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Adelaide Gaol Ghost Crime Tour

Price from $35


This tour, like no other as Ghost Crime Tours is very proud to announce that we can now take you to one of the most actively haunted locations in Australia – The Old Adelaide Gaol!

Originally built in 1841, the Adelaide gaol and Government house are the two oldest buildings in South Australia. The gaol was open between 1841 to 1988 some 147 years, with sixty six executions by hanging happing in South Australia; the Adelaide Gaol saw 45 of them.

The amazing history and design of the gaol that ran way over budget and nearly bankrupted the new state before it had even opened and received its first guest, to the approx. 300000 inmates that had the displeasure of being housed here.

Among the executions at the gaol was John Balaban, possibly Australia’s first serial killer. John Balaban was convicted of one of Australia's most sadistic killers; he confessed to killing five people in as many years and was executed by hanging at the Adelaide Gaol on 26th August 1953.

With Old Adelaide gaol hear the story of Elizabeth Woolcock, the only women to be executed in South Australiasome say that Elizabeth still walks the gaol to this day.


From $ 35 to $ 35