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Port Adelaide Ghost Crime Tour

Price from $35


Port Adelaide is one of the oldest suburbs in Adelaide, with a nickname of 'Port Misery', it was effectively founded on January the 6th, 1837 and since then, has been home to countless murders and ghost sightings! Our Port Adelaide Ghost Tour will take you to some of the most haunted buildings in the Port today.

Hear the tale of 'Jasper' the Police Constable,see the Hotel that has the ghost of the former Madam when it was a brothel back in 1909.Hear about the Russian his suspected Ghost that has been sighted wandering a basement looking for his mates!

Listen to the story of a Chinese man that back in 1944, was found floating in the Port River wrapped in a hessian sack with three nails in his head, and possibly meet 'Hamish' the ghost. Stand at the location that 'Broadway Kate' was found lying half naked on a mattress.

We will show you where the local Police used to store the bodies of the dead.
We will stop on a popular street and stand only meters away from Dead House still in good condition today. Listen to the story about the former Port Adelaide Mayor and many more!


From $ 35 to $ 35