La Crema Reserve Coffee Tour

Price from $60.00


La Crema Reserve coffee tour is offering those who want that little bit more than to just visit a nice coffee shop. Its for those who want to experience it up close.

The tour includes a walk through our wholesale plant where we roast on site daily to service over 800 clients across SA. You will check out our training studio and then head into our reserve.

At the reserve this is where you will spend time with our head roaster where you can really take a look at live roasting.

You'll take those beans and get your chance to cup up to 4- 6 varieties of how coffee can be made. But wait it doesn't end there, finish with an espresso martini and a goodies bag.

So come join us in what we call our sanctuary!!!
1 Hour 15 Min

Cupping and Tasting
Spend 30 min with an experienced head barista cupping different beans and experiencing those coffee notes. Enjoy a complimentary tasting plate to enjoy while cupping and finish with a quick walk through of the reserve where you can take a look of what we have to offer the coffee loving people of the world.


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