2021 Big Rivers Outback Tour - Queensland, News South Wales, South Australia


Explore the legendary inland rivers from source to sea, through Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.

Historic waterways and wildlife corridors winding their way 3,000 kms through the remote Outback

10 days travelling back roads through 170 years of settlement.

Reflect on times of Indigenous occupation and culture, inland exploration and once bustling river ports.

Discover the real Australia beyond the “Back of Bourke”, the woolsheds and homesteads of historic pastoral stations and dynasties.

Imagine yourself strolling alone on the secluded banks of the Darling River, with majestic River Red Gums and prolific birdlife for company.

The heady days of 200 paddle steamers, hauling thousands of wool bales down stream from remote river ports.

Seek an understanding of the culture and Aboriginal communities which lived a life of plenty on the shores of world heritage Mungo Lake.

How the sands of time have revealed the world’s oldest cremation and ritual burial sites of Mungo Man and Mungo Woman, the remains of 135 other modern humans and extinct animal species.

Chat with self-reliant locals who have lived a life by the rivers, adapting to “droughts and flooding rains”

Assimilate today’s environmental issues around sacred water resources and climate.


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